The learning creation, organization, and publishing solution for subject-matter experts.

The Elearis™ SAAS solution provides the ability to easily build online learning by dragging and dropping pictures, graphics, videos, interactive learning objects, documents, animations, and third-party publisher learning content. Elearis™ provides educators with their own custom iPad/Tablet App that can be used by students for their consumption of content, in both online and “disconnected” environments. These Apps provide a unique look and feel while assuring that the navigation and experience for students is effective. The student downloads the App from the Apple or Google store, logs in with their credentials, and immediately has access to the courses, lessons, and content. Elearis™ enables the student to view online or offline all course content, including videos, audios, syllabus, reading materials, multimedia, interactive exercises, and assessments.


Enables self-creation and publishing of online and mobile learning.

Organizes the educators content and lesson flow outside of the LMS.

Supports the widest variety of learning content object types.

Supports inclusion of advanced “third party” content formats.

Enables drag and drop of all content to build or modify the lesson sequence.

Learning objects can be multiple format, multiple page, or vertical flowing content pages.

Expansive assessment creation capabilities question type support.

Avoids LMS single object posted content.

Produces responsive content for web and mobile-device delivery.

Customizes the user experience for each course to provide unique design capabilities.

Build once, publish to many different LMS solutions.

Simplifies ADA compliance.

Publishes to and integrates with all leading Learning Management Solutions.

Open content architecture to assure content is always reusable.

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